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Our Best Burgers for Summer partnered with Bren's Original Blend

Summer is the perfect time for grilling burgers! With all of your summer activities, you want to keep your recipes easy but still full of flavor.

That’s where Bren’s Original Blend seasoning comes in! Forget about rounding up all your various spices to create a delicious burger… just use Bren’s!

Simple Grilling Burgers are made with 2 lbs. of ground beef, one egg white and one or two tablespoons of Bren’s Original Blend. No need for extra salt & pepper, Bren’s is perfect!

Keep your area clean by using wax paper, just like cutting out cookies. Roll out your mixture on a cutting board and use your largest coffee cup to cut out a round burger.

When your burgers are uniform in size and thickness, you can judge the timing better and control the overall cooking time for your burgers.

Always start with a hot grill. Flip the burgers when you can see the bottom cooking up towards the top, about half way to 3/4. Grill on the other side for half the amount of time it took for the first side to grill.

Keep your summer picnics easy! Skip the condiments with this tasty, juicy burger, because you don’t need them for flavor.

Just add an array of veggies like lettuce, tomato, onion & pickles!
And Enjoy!

Bring Out The Flavor In Any Dish with Bren's Original Blend!

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